About Us

Our vision

The U.S. birthing care system is transformed and just, grounded in community-based solutions, and has ended inequities in birth outcomes. Just as the midwifery model of care is person centered, our philanthropy has become community centered.

Our mission

To end inequities in birth outcomes and improve experiences and outcomes for all birthing people by advancing respectful, physiologic care and equitable access to birth workers. We do this by serving as an organizing, learning, collaborating, and collective action group of funders working together and with the field to transform the system.

What we do

Funders for Birth Justice & Equity is the go-to place for any funder or donor who wants to learn how to effectively fund the birth equity and justice movement. Here donors and funders may find the education, framework for change, resources, peer support, and collective funding opportunities needed to fund the field at a level that will get to systemic and transformative change.

Why now?

There is great awareness about the impact of racism and birth inequities on birthing people, babies, and entire communities. This is not a new issue, but it is one that funders are now looking to act on strategically and collectively.

The good news is that decades of research and on-the-ground work point to BIPOC-led, equitable, sustainable, and community-based solutions.

But these community-based solutions have been systematically underfunded.

We know what needs to be done. Through Funders for Birth Justice & Equity we will align efforts, learn together, engage with one another, and fund with the intentionality and community wisdom needed to bring these solutions to scale and achieve a transformed and just birthing care system.


BIRTH IS A reproductive health, rights, and justice issue.

ANY DISPARITY IN outcomes by race, gender, place, and class is unacceptable.

WE SUPPORT MODELS of care led by those most impacted by maternal and infant mortality and morbidity: BIPOC, rural, LGBTQ+ and low-income communities.

WHEN PRACTITIONERS FROM doulas and perinatal health workers to midwives to physicians work together in alignment and with birthing people, it benefits the birthing person and their family.

THE EXPERTS ON the experiences of birthing people are birthing people themselves.

WE SHARE THE understanding that pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are normal physiologic processes, not a disease.

OUR FUNDING SOLUTIONS and approach seek to decolonize philanthropy. We conspire with the communities most impacted to shape and directly inform the work of Funders for Birth Justice & Equity.

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