2024 Birth Equity Funders Summit | June 11-13, 2024


Aligning Strategies to Advance Equitable Birth Outcomes

Join Funders for Birth Justice and Equity for the 2024 Birth Equity Funders Summit, where we build upon the foundations laid by our 2022 Summit Recommendations and 2023 Funder Landscape Analysis. Together, diverse funders from various sectors will convene to advance equitable birth outcomes. Immerse yourself in enriching sessions exploring innovative funding approaches, fostering collaboration, and igniting actionable change. This summit is your platform to align strategies, exchange insights, and play a vital role in dismantling systemic barriers on the path to birth justice and equity.

Event Details
June 11 – 13
(directly following the March of Dimes MBAN Summit)
Marriot Marquis, 212 South Prairie Avene, Chicago
Registration is now closed. 

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Summit Goal

This summit, designed exclusively for funders, aims to provide comprehensive strategies, tools, playbooks, and deep learning opportunities, fostering immediate implementation and collaboration. Acknowledging the underrepresentation of professionals from ethnically marginalized backgrounds, including BIPOC grant makers, we commit to supporting, empowering, and creating a safe space for these voices. Our goal is to ensure that all participants leave with tangible insights and clear expectations for advancing equitable birth outcomes.

Summit Objectives

1. Strategic Alignment for Cohesive Impact

Participate in Strategic Alignment Sessions informed by historical feedback from movement leaders and the expertise of the FBJE Community Council, to align funding efforts, maximize impact, and contribute to dismantling systemic barriers.

Understand principles of birth justice and their application in funding strategies.

Identify levers and channels through interactive sessions to enhance the impact of birth justice initiatives.

2. Collaborative Strategy Building

Contribute to forums where strategies for birth justice funding and co-funding are collectively designed.

Depart with a shared framework for fostering cross-sector collaboration and collective impact.

3. Community-Centric Funding Approaches

Explore the development of community-driven funding strategies, informed by landscape analyses of AMCHP, Elephant Circle, and FBJE and holding philanthropy accountable.

Craft approaches that address the unique needs of the communities you serve while ensuring accountability and transparency in philanthropic practices. 

4. Policy Advocacy in Action

Translate policy toolkits into actionable strategies for funders and foundations.

Navigate organizational nuances to drive policy change aligned with your foundation’s characteristics, ensuring readiness from leadership, board, and the broader funder landscape.

5. Supporting Underrepresented Identities in Philanthropy

Cultivate a supportive network and strategies for underrepresented identities in philanthropy, such as BIPOC and individuals with grassroots origins.

Foster an inclusive space that actively harnesses the knowledge and expertise of funders from diverse backgrounds, ensuring the creation of conditions that amplify diverse voices, particularly when leadership is present. Encourage dialogue, facilitate knowledge sharing, and promote collaborative initiatives among grant makers from various backgrounds.

6. Deep Learning on Intersectional Contexts 

Engage in deep learning sessions exploring the intersectionality of reproductive and birth justice, institutional and systemic racism, philanthropy, capitalism, and the non-profit industrial complex.

Delve into the historical context to understand how these intersecting systems have shaped disparities in birth outcomes and influenced funding strategies.

Acquire an analytical framework that considers the complexities of these intersections, informing more equitable and effective approaches to birth justice funding. 

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